Book of Dreams


Book of Dreams is the sequel to Oneironauts, a game Radio Galaxy made their freshman year at DigiPen. It is a 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up where one to four players equip deadly pillows to fight off enemies in a dream world. The players work together to reconstruct the mysterious “Book of Dreams” in order to stop a never-ending night-time.

I have been working with Radio Galaxy since I first entered DigiPen and they are a great team to work with. Their passion for games is evident and everyone is so talented! It has been a lot of fun. My role for them on this game was as lead sound designer and composer. I did all the music and spent a great deal of creating sound effects, recording unique character voice overs, and mixing. It has been a lot of work, but I am very pleased with the outcome.

For the music inspiration, I drew from their first game, Oneironauts. The soundtrack for that game was all chiptune music, with a pixelated art style to match. The artwork for Book of Dreams is based upon the original but far from pixel artwork. Much like the art, I wanted to give the music a face lift as well, but still be reminiscent of the original. Playing through the game you’ll hear a variety of different tracks, all suited to their environment, but all with a chiptune aesthetic. Fans of the original game might also recognize similar musical themes hinted in places.



Because this is a fun, beat ‘em up style game I thought the sound design needed to echo that. So we did a mix of original sounds we recorded as well as utilizing our sound library to create the game’s sound effects. When the characters or enemies are attacking, it really sounds like a brawl is happening! We wanted it to still feel light hearted and fun, though, and we wanted to really help develop each of the characters’ personality. So we recorded over 200 unique voice over lines for all the various characters and bosses in the game, from simple attacking and reaction sounds to cheeky one-liners and wonderfully bad puns. Various members of the team as well as some willing classmates contributed their talents to create these voices. It was a lot of fun coming up with the dialogue as well. These voices, combined with the amazing artwork, really helped breathe life into our characters.


Overall, working with Radio Galaxy to create Book of Dreams was an amazing experience. I will really miss working with everyone. The game is a whole lot of fun and great eye candy. I highly encourage you to check it out once it comes out on the DigiPen Game Gallery. Please enjoy this trailer and some of the music tracks on my sound cloud for the time being.


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