Demon Drum

PAX Prime 2013 DigiPen Feature Game

DemonDrum 2014-02-10 01-06-42-87Demon Drum is an exploration-based puzzle game with an ancient Japanese theme. Take control of a demon who is rescuing lost souls and carrying them to the afterlife. Explore the world as you summon ghosts and use them to solve puzzles and traverse the terrain.

Working on this game was such an enjoyable experience. The team was great and the setting was one which I enjoyed composing music and sounds for. Having recently returned from my time in Japan, Demon Drum was the perfect title for me to work on. While in Japan I spent a great deal of time playing Taiko, Koto, and Shamisen with local traditional music groups. Because of this I had many opportunities to learn the nuances of this style of music much more                                                                                                                                                                                                                intimately. I enjoyed applying these experiences                                                                                                                                                                                                             with the culture and traditional music scene to the game.

DemonDrum 2014-02-10 01-10-51-33

While composing Demon Drum’s soundtrack, I took care to choose instrumentation and harmonies which would be evocative of ancient Japan. However, since this is a light-hearted fantasy game, I felt it was just as important to not be too traditional either. So striking a balance between ancient and whimsical was necessary. Some of my favorite tracks to compose were Matsuri and Ghost Playdate.

Another fun aspect of this project was creating the voices for the demons and the ghosts. The team was always very enthusiastic about recording ghost voices and so the studio would usually fill up very quickly. We had no shortage of silly voice makers! Choosing which voice made it into the game took quite some time because of this. In the end I think the Demon and his                                                                                                                                                 ghosts had quite the charming little voices. The turtle ghost is particularly funny.

DemonDrum 2014-02-10 01-14-53-79

DemonDrum 2014-02-10 01-11-56-49

Download the game here!