Flip Magic

FlipMagic_3Flip Magic was the first game I ever made. I made this game my first semester at DigiPen as part of a two person team, It’s a Feature. It is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer with cats and hats. We were required to develop the game in DigiPen’s ProjectFUN program. Since this was a semester long process and neither of us had developed games before, we had to be very careful to be conscious of our scope. It was very easy to get excited about adding new features and content, so scope could have easily become too large. To prevent this I became the “mistress of scope” and kept a carefully prioritized list of tasks. If a new idea was brought up, we would add it to (what I liked to call) the list of “unicorn goals.” Things on this list included adding new areas to the game, creating entirely new mechanics, and having animated cut scenes. In the end we used our time so well I think we had time to finish our normal task list, the unicorn goals, and polish.


FlipMagic_1The story of Flip Magic follows the relationship between an old hat-loving wizard and his mischievous cat. At the beginning of the game the cat steals the wizard’s new hat, so the wizard must chase the cat through the magical forest and old nearby castle to retrieve his beloved hat. In addition to working on programming for this game, I also made the soundtrack and all of the artwork. It was a fun, light-hearted project to work on. I really enjoyed composing a mischievous, magical soundtrack for the environments.