PAX Prime 2014 DigiPen Feature Game

Forsaken is a 2D side-scrolling poetic experience emphasizing the themes of companionship and sacrifice. During the player’s journey to save their village from a spreading corruption they are befriended by other creatures whose lives have also been altered.

Forsaken_1  Forsaken was the student game that I made with my game team during our second year at DigiPen. This project was the first major project like this we had done and it was certainly a challenge at times, but a good experience overall. Our team was created because we all shared a common vision to create a game experience which was simple, but beautiful. We wanted to be able to tell a story through abstract, simple mechanics which the player could still connect emotionally with.

  We began development in the summer before the school year started, so we could get a head start on the engine to allow us time to focus on the story more. We also involved the artists from the start, showing them style concepts, letting them listen to sample music we created, and really letting them develop the style of our game more.

  My role on this team was many things. I was one of the core developers, working on creating a physics engine, particle system, menu system, audio programming, and other coding as needed. However my work did not end there, as I was also the Lead Audio Director and sound designer. I worked with a team of two other sound designers to create the musical and aural experience of Forsaken. Due to the demanding nature of DigiPen classes, our artists often would not be able to deliver the assets we needed, so I also ended up doing a fair bit of the artwork, as well as the initial concept art for the game. I had to be quite flexible!

While I worked on many aspects of the game, my main focus was always to create an immersive aural experience for the player. To do this, we utilized the many features Audiokinetic Wwise offers. We created a dynamic audio experience which changes as the player travels through the game and interacts with the environment. The end result, I felt, was a delightful little adventure for the ears.

Download the game here!


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