Sushi Mischief

Elevator Music. That was my first thought when I saw the quaint sushi bar and the rotating track. This animation has a number of slapstick comedic moments which needed to be highlighted, so I did not want to write a soundtrack that detracted from them. Elevator Music seemed like the best choice to set the mood of the restaurant while being very appropriate background music. To create the piece I drew from the rotating sushi bar, creating a melody which seems to spin slowly right around with it harmonically.

For our characters, since there is not any dialogue, I wanted to bring out their personalities through the use of instruments. For the sumo wrestler, a bass-y tuba; For the little punk, a jazzy vibraphone.  I felt these instruments not only juxtaposed each other well, as the characters do, but they really represented the characters themselves. When I think sumo I think of a slow bass-y, airy sound. When I think of a city slicker punk I think something jazzier.

Since the overall feeling of the animation was like watching an classic cartoon, I wanted to embody that Saturday morning cartoon feel. Because of this, you’ll hear a few cliched musical ideas. As cliched as they are, they do remind you of old cartoons and they were received well by viewers.

While my main function for Sushi Mischief was the composer, initially I was responsible for the sound design as well. But due to the volume of my work that semester I was happy to bring Ian on to assist. I really enjoyed working with him to help create this silly animation!